What you wish for shall be yours…


We have gathered the different production lines under one roof, enabling us to solve most tasks efficiently, without costly intermediaries and with high quality.

We also work with very competent partners, both domestically and internationally, enabling us to meet all challenges with individual print. This goes for all materials including paper, plastic, fabric and even metals.

We offer qualified advice, primarily by asking the right questions – at the right time.

We always strive for clear agreements and value realistic expectations from all involved parties.

Our professional pride and flexible production means that we both can and will solve most challenges – even when things don’t work out as planned.


We print on anything and are always up for a challenge – Contact us for more info!


Our brand icon, The Campophant, has borrowed its best features from nature’s elephants: The Campophant is long-lived and is big enough to keep a steady course, but also agile enough to change direction quickly, if the situation demands so.

The Campophant has big ears, so we can better listen to our customers’s needs. In addition we strive to be associated with a good memory and intelligence, as is the case with the elephant in some cultures. We promise not to sit on you.